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Bryanston Square Local Info

Bryanston Square Garden’s location in the heart of Marylebone offers enviable access to a wide range of community resources, transit options, public gardens, local shops and services, restaurants with wide-ranging cuisine, and more.

The Marylebone Privilege Card offers Marylebone residents 10% off in participating shops, bars, restaurants, and cafes. In conjunction with the Privilege Card program, the Marylebone Newsletter includes resident-exclusive promotions, event invitations, and launches.


The City of Westminster’s City Save Card is available to residents via the City of Westminster website, offering resident-only promotions and discounts. Recent promotions have included:


  • £25 off six week yoga course at Iyengar Yoga London
  • 20% off BACH TO BABY Family Concerts
  • Discounted admission to Westminster Abbey
  • 25% Flight Club Darts
  • 10% off at The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove

There are Met Police officers specifically dedicated to our neighbourhood, whose duties include regular checks of Bryanston and Montagu Squares. Our officers have access to the Garden for purposes of investigating security concerns. Residents can report concerns directly to Met Police via the Safer Neighbourhoods Team website and/or using the Contact Us button below. Please describe your security concern, including as relevant the date and time of the incident(s).

Security Tips & Advice

  • Make sure the entry door to your building closes firmly behind you! It may even be worth installing a new door-closer to make sure the door closes quickly and firmly behind anyone who exits or enters.
  • Keep all accessible windows closed or if opened, bolted with security bolts that prevent them from opening more than a few inches.
  • Make sure there is nothing left on the seats of your car that would attract the attention of passers-by.
  • Burglars particularly love an unoccupied flat. So it makes sense, if you are going to be away, to make it look like people are still there: Put some of your lamps on timer switches, so that they turn on and off each night automatically. You can get these from Maplin and other electrical good stores for about £5.00, which doesn’t seem a bad investment. Also, tell your neighbours when you are going to be away, and ask them to check in on your flat from time to time.
  • Pull your blinds down when you are not at home so people can’t see that the house is unattended.
  • Keep your valuables away from your front door – it would surprise you to know that burglars will look through the mail slot.
  • If your building is to be scaffolded, query the vendor or project manager to ensure that the scaffolding is equipped with alarms and/or video monitors.
  • When someone buzzes your flat for ‘package delivery’ or ‘food delivery’, request the first and last name of the recipient to ensure that you’re granting access appropriately.


The police tell us that most crime is opportunistic – people see valuables accessible and unattended and try their luck. If you make things difficult for them, they will try their luck somewhere else. For additional tips on how to make your home and car less attractive to criminals visit the Crimestoppers website.

The Marylebone Ward of the City of Westminster elects three Councillors to represent our interests. Our Councillors have been very responsive to the requests and concerns of Bryanston Square residents. Concerns about City of Westminster services may be directed to our Councillors, who have contacts with government agencies dealing with rubbish, rough sleepers, and much more.


The City of Westminster offers extensive Resident Services via its website. Residents can view and pay Council Tax, manage parking permits, request recycling bags, join the local library, and even order a home composting bin.

The Marylebone Association is a not for profit organisation staffed entirely by volunteers in their spare time. Its aim is to represent the interests of those who live and work in Marylebone, by nurturing, promoting and supporting initiatives that add to the unique character and quality of life in our area. Volunteers for the Association want to see Marylebone thrive and develop as one of the most interesting and balanced urban environments in London.


In particular, as a statutory consultee, the Marylebone Association works in close dialogue with the City of Westminster on matters of planning, licensing, traffic, city management, public realm and law-and-order. The Association also organises a wide range of cultural and social events for residents and uses its website, newsletters, and social media to provide information on all aspects of living and working in Marylebone.


On its website, the Marylebone Association maintains an extensive list of development projects that are planned and/or underway. Bryanston Square residents who are concerned with or curious about local development projects can contact the Marylebone Assocation Management Committee with responsibility for planning.

Get Involved

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the Garden, from greeting Open Gardens guests to organising social events, helping with the website, or liaising with local vendors. Please use the form below to indicate any particular interests or skills, as you like.

Security Concerns